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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Program Dialog Belia

Aktiviti   : Program Dialog Belia bersama Agensi Kerajaan
Tarikh    : 29/4/2011
Masa      : 2.30 petang
Tempat  : Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Tampin

semua ahli pengakap yang terlibat, sila pergi ke Ibu Pejabat Polis Daearh Tampin dengan berkenderaan sendiri.
Sila memakai uniform yang lengkap .
Untuk maklumat yang selanjutnya boleh berjumpa dengan Mr Ikhwan.
Sekian Terima Kasih.=)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 Let's see what we did today during co-curricular =)

 Gathered in the canteen.

Told them the instructions and rules.
 Ketua Troop -- Poonam

Go Go Go!

1st station, FUNFAIR..
AJK in charge -- Ivy Tee  

"In this station, u all need to blow the ping pong balls through three cups filled with water and reach the end. Clear?" =D

Blow Blow Blow, u can do it!

Second station, HISTORY
Our AJK in charge-- Yeen Cheok(front), Betty(behind) 

"Must answer all the question, if not..flour is waiting for you all .hehe" =D

AJK in charge -- Sonia(black shirt)

"Stay, don't go anywhere without your leader's instructions."=D

4th Station FUN
AJK in charge -- Serene Lee


"Sing as loud as you can. Have fun!"=D

AJK in charge -- Ying Ying( sitting at the left ) syahirah aisyah (sitting at the right)

"Good, answer as many as you can." =D

 Last station IQ TEST
AJK in charge -- Prrithasini
"You drove a car and pass by A ....B ...C ...D...what is the driver's name?"=D

"Our IQ is quite high, this question is not a problem to us!"

" Still have times, let's sing a song to our AJK" =D

"Yeah! We are the winner, say CHEESE!"

"You all left some things on the way, too careless ,sing a song for us!"
"Nyanyi dalam hujan"
"Tunggu Sekejap!"

"Siku Rapat!"

"Lucaca lucaca.."

Congratulation for those who won in this station game=)
Although all the boys are involved in march pass, but the activities are still on.
Thanks all the AJK who involved themselves and make these activities to be held successfully=)
Thank you very much, your hard works are appreciated =)  

 Pengakap Remaja,
They are invited to teach our school PPSM some scout's knots.

Naib Pengerusi -- Pravind 

See you guys in the next meeting! Have a nice day :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Activity for the coming co-curricular ..

Attention to all the scout member of SMK Tunku Besar Tampin,
Next Wednesday, 6/4/2011 ,
We are going to combine with St.John members to have a course by the members from fire station.
Please gather in the school's hall by the 3.00p.m
Remember to wear full scout's uniform.
Do inform your friends.
Thank you =)
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